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Lyndhurst / Lymington – Semi Enclosed

We thank you for your interest in this range of products. In order to obtain a price for your project, please complete the form below (this should only take a few minutes). Once complete, please click on the submit icon. We will endeavour (wherever possible) to return your price to you within 24 hours.

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Site Details

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General Lift Requirements

Product Identification: Lyndhurst Lift travels up to 5000mm and can serve up to 4 stops (our most popular vertical lift). Lymington Lift travels up to 13,000mm (this product is generally used for large travel distances) can serve up to 5 stops and has a cabin arrangement with a ceiling as opposed to an open style lift platform.

Lift Travel*:
(overall vertical height - bottom floor to top floor)
Number of Stops*:
(example ground to 1st floor = 2 stops)
Lift Location*:
Platform configuration*:
Does the lift need to be fire rated?:
(i.e. fire rating will be required if the lift installation is passing between 2 or more fire zones. Fire rating would not (usually) be applicable if for example the lift was to serve an open area such as up to a mezzanine level).
Available Space (Floor Area) if known: mm wide
  mm long


Please choose from the following options, if applicable.

Fixed Ramp at the lower level:
(required when a pit cannot be provided – Pit requirements: 85mm deep for Lyndhurst / 120-200mm deep for Lymington)
Key Isolation:
(isolates the lift from one landing only)
Key Operated Controls:
(key required to operate the lift at landings and on lift platform)
Full Height Door at upper landing:
(lifts with a travel of less than 2000mm will be supplied with an 1100mm high gate as standard. This option is not applicable for a lift with a travel greater than 2000mm as it will be supplied with a full height door as standard)
Fully Glazed Lift Enclosure:
(not applicable for fire rated installations)
Glass in Lower Section of Door:
(all non-fire rated lift doors will be supplied with glass in the upper section of the doors as standard. This option is not applicable for Fire rated lifts as they are supplied with timber or steel fire doors, dependent upon model)
Dome Roof:
(indoor installations only)
Can only be purchased with a full height door and enclosure at the upper level.
Roof with battery maintained light:
(can only be purchased with a full height door and enclosure at the upper level)
(between lift platform and designated landing)
(to call for assistance from inside the lift)
(press one button for assistance from the lift platform – autodialler pre-programmed with specific telephone numbers)
Full Battery Operation:
(completes 7 full journeys in the event of power failure)
Powered Door Openers:
(DDA / Part M Recommendation)
Special Colour (RAL):
(From RAL colour chart)
( Note: Lyndhurst standard colours: Beige / Grey or White. Lymington standard colour: Black with Red Internal Cabin Walls)

The above options are our most popular. Please contact us if you have any specific requirements that are not listed above.

Your comments or special requirements:


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